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The Structural Team

The structural Team is one of the recent yet thriving innovations that proffer effectual designing and detailing services globally.

The structural team is formed by two energetic and enthusiastic engineers along with an software technologist, whose mission is to create an environment where quality engineering is delivered through automation. We enrich the company with our steel detailing, steel fabrication and erection experience for over two decades. We provide structural steel detailing services of unsurpassed quality at competitive pricing.

With an average experience of 20+ years in the industry, we are not just program operators/modelers, but real detailers with a thorough knowledge of proper detailing procedures, AISC, CISC standards and shop fabrication procedures.


To become a landmark company in the field of design & detailing by creating an environment which provide excellent services worldwide.


To Provide top class quality services to the steel design and detailing industry with focus on quality, efficiency & offer space for continued improvement with constant innovations.

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What We Offer

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We offers a range of Steel Detailing and Connection design experiences customized to cater to the requirements and specifications of the individual clients.

Connection Design Engineering

We have experience designing connections for large projects up to 44,000 tons in a record time. We optimize our design to suite the specific needs of our customers to make their fabrication and erection cost effective and easy.

Member Design Engineering

From the planning stage to erection, we deliver optimised engineering solutions. We use latest analysis design software which helps us design efficient, economical & optimised engineering structure in a limited span of time.

Structural Steel Detailing

A Steel Detailing Company interprets architectural and structural engineering drawings to gain a thorough working knowledge of the overall design intent of a building or structure.

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Metal products which are not part of the structural steel package existing in a project constitute what are called Miscellaneous metal items. The term refers to railings, stairs, hangars, roof frames, etc.


Most of the today’s structures are complex and hard to visualize. TST design modelers are capable to build3D models based on the structure and designers requirements. The model can be used for analysis to explore design options and to create visualisation that helps stake holders understand what the building will look like before its built. The model will also help fabricators,erectors and is used to generate the design documentation for construction.

Engineering Consultant

We provide engineering solutions for: Detail Engineering, Connection Design, Member Design, Procurement (ABM) Assistance, While we offer the above services, we always focus on “Value Creation” through optimisation, delivering fast-track, high-quality, cost-effective projects. We work on a total 3D design platform that enables us to keep up with the most aggressive schedules with compromising on ingenuity.

As Built Engineering

We offer the following range of specialised services as part of our as-built 3D modeling competency:Creation of as-built 3D models using the existing records and documents Generation of 3D models with impressive walkthrough and visualisations

Estimation & Material Take Off

A good and accurate estimate is crucial to competitively bid and win major projects; hence we consider material take-off as the most important part of the business. We provide material Takeoff in Excel format segregated per customer requirement with 3D models and snaps showing complexity of the project to ease bidding.

We offers a range of Steel Detailing and Connection design experiences customized to cater to the requirements and specifications of the individual clients.


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